Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Verification and Validation

Testing is the process which begins right from Requirement phase; hence the idea of catching defects at each stage, before the actual testing is started leads us to define Verification and Validation.
Verification and Validation are the activities performed to improve the quality and reliability of the system and assure the product satisfies the customer needs. Verification assures the product of each development phase meets their respective requirements. Validation assures the final product meets the client requirements.

When we ask the question "Are we producing the product right?” the activities which take care are part of Verification. Whereas when we ask "Are we producing the right product?" the activities which take care are part of Validation. Hence activities like Requirement Review, Design Review, Code Review, etc... Are the part of Verification and activities like Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing are the part of Validation.

General Definition:
Verification is the process of evaluating a system or component to determine whether the product of a given phase satisfies the conditions imposed at the start of that phase.
Validation is the process of evaluating a system or component during or at the end of the development process to determine whether it satisfies specified requirements

Verification is a Quality improvement process. It is a Low level activity performed during development on key artifacts, like walkthroughs, reviews and inspections, mentor feedback, training, checklists and standards; it demonstrates consistency, completeness, and correctness of the software at each stage and between each stage of the development life cycle.
Validation process ensures the functionality. It is a High level activity performed after a work product is produced against established criteria ensuring that the product integrates correctly into the environment, it determines correctness of the final software product by a development project with respect to the user needs and requirements

Note: There are different process and methodologies followed in various organizations. The above content is as per my experience in industry so far.
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