Friday, April 20, 2012

Two best cross browser compatibility testing tools

As a software developer or tester we are always concerned about how our web application will look across different browser. Does any functionality gets hampered across browser. Well we have two different websites which will settle our curiosity.
Spoon allows you to run your application using different browsers. All you need to do is register (Its Free) and install the plugin, and from there you could choose from different versions of Mozilla Firefox (2 to 11) Google Chrome (11 to 18), Safari (3 to 4), Opera (9 to 11), Firefox Mobile ( 2 and 5), Opera Mobile (6.5 and 11.5),  and many more. The only draw back is it has some limited usage. But you can upgrade at nominal price when ever you wish.

2. Browsershots –
Browsershots captures images of your website across different browsers (ample of options even which you might not be aware of)  on different Operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac and BSD) which user selects initially. Its an best application to identify GUI issues across different OS in different Browsers for your website. The draw back here is it takes time to fetch data approximately 10 mins to 3 hours, depending on your request (Number of Browsers and Operating System).

**This websites have other features too which are worth trying.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

BlazeMeter - Load Testing Cloud Based on Apache JMeter

BlazeMeter, a new cloud-based service for load and performance testing of Web apps. Based on the popular Apache JMeter open source project, BlazeMeter is delivered as a self-service web application for developers and Quality Assurance (QA) professionals providing a comprehensive easy-to-use load and performance testing solution that can simulate and report on even the most complex load testing requirements and environments.

Load testing typically simulates heavy usage to stress the Web application to see how it responds. The aim, of course, is to release into productions Web applications that don't break or degrade--two things that drive away users quickly.

In today's environment, Web applications are very important, and the only way to validate their performance is load testing. Existing commercial and professional load testing solutions fail to meet today's developer requirements because they are either too expensive or too complex to meet real world professional requirements. While the leader of the open-source load testing tools, JMeter, is an excellent automation tool (more than 1 million downloads in 2011), it is challenging to deploy and is often limited in terms of scalability for the requirements of enterprise and high-traffic web sites.

Due to its unique technology, BlazeMeter overcomes these challenges through a self-service load testing cloud that provides unlimited testing capacity, comprehensive and interactive real-time reporting and sophisticated result analysis and recommendations.

Well-suited to web application developers and Quality Assurance (QA) professionals, BlazeMeter provides a self-service professional grade load testing cloud with unlimited testing capacity, comprehensive and interactive real-time reporting, and sophisticated result analysis and recommendations.

For anyone who has worked in the load and performance testing space or who has had to approve a budget for that as part of your development costs, you know that it is a crazy expensive and time consuming exercise. The folks at Blazemeter say that they have built "not a cloud testing service, but a testing cloud." In the same way Amazon built a cloud based on Xen and Hiroku on Ruby, Blazemeter is build on Jmeter, the Apache open source performance and load testing project.

The beauty of what Alon Girmonsky, BlazeMeter founder and CEO, and his team did with it, is that although BlazeMeter is extremely easy to use, it is an enterprise-grade performance testing tool, both in terms of scalability and in terms of the comprehensiveness of the reports and analysis it provides.

In addition, BlazeMeter's pricing model is extremely attractive with a combination of usage-based pricing and subscriptions. And you can start running tests for free.

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